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How does this service work?

In the federal market, growth depends on watching and keeping track of the latest market trends. Federal government acquisitions are a moving target. Business-to-government requirements and procurements change with elections. New People in chairs – new agendas, new budgets, new opportunities.

Here at Quest Solution Inc., we help to focus on the following areas of Account Planning:

1. Breaking down governance silos

2. Collaboration on the account plan

3. Managing relationships across multiple stakeholders

4. Identifying buying signals and whitespace opportunities

Our approach to Business to Government Account planning:

1. Align on a consistent set of principles for account planning

2. One size doesn’t fit all - Account Plans tailored to every account segment

3. Maximize growth through effective whitespace analysis

4. Engage with the right decision-makers and build meaningful relationships

What Quest Solutions will provide:

1. Better Relationships means Higher sales

2. Shorten deal cycles.

3. 360 view and collaboration across key stakeholders, internal teams, customers & partners

4. Customer-focused approach to selling by aligning with client’s key business imperatives.

Account Planning Operation

Account planning is the operation of creating strategic ideas to upgrade value-driven relationships with your key customers that can help in long-term development and retention, thereby maximizing the revenue potential. Effective account plans help account managers to obtain
a more in-depth understanding of the client.



As a result, companies that weren’t able to keep up with changing trends in account management have tolerated. Apart from technology shifts, there is another reason why some companies facing problems with effective SAM (Strategic Account Management). The key to successful account management lies in sound Account Planning. Many companies either pass over account planning or do account planning for the sake of it< without a clear understanding of its purpose and expected outcomes.


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