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As it seems, the process of proposal writing is not simple. It is a daunting task that requires a lot of knowledge and skills to convince government officials. Proposal writing varies from contract to contract depending upon the complexity and specific requirements you are addressing. And, though every solicitation has its own set of guidelines for what a proposal must contain, the tasks involved in creating one are common to every project.

1. Solicitation Review / Analysis

2. Workflows / Complex Diagrams

3. Proposal / RFP Writing

4. Solicitation Compliance

5. Editing / Formatting

6. Proposal Production / Assembly

proposal writing
Solicitation Review / Analysis
Workflows / Complex Diagrams
Proposal / RFP Writing
Solicitation Compliance
Editing / Formatting

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To get started, we will require all the data that you have on hand to properly understand the project. Our documents adhere to the government requirements in the RFP, along with brief guidance to your team to give your best short for the government bid.

The writing of proposals, when done correctly, must follow all the content and compliance requirements established by the government within the RFP.

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